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In Synthient Skin

Distressed to discover he is different and feared, the world’s first sentient robot must learn to embrace his uniqueness if he is to save both himself and his creators from those who would see them destroyed.

In a near future world of robots, AI, and quantum computers, this coming of age story is told from the perspective of a prototype sentient robot (synthient) as he encounters a human world full of hostilities he can’t comprehend. Built to feel emotions, he discovers fear, joy, tenderness, and then love just before being ripped away from those he cares about by underworld rivals who want to dismantle and reverse-engineer him. Holding secrets worth dying for and passions worth living for, he is torn between probability and hope until a chance for a new and unexpected friendship drives up the stakes. Against overwhelming odds, he must reach beyond his programming if he’s to save both himself and the humans he’s determined to protect.

In Synthient Skin   – currently seeking representation.

Story Masters Toronto Workshop – 2017

Thanks to the Free Expressions team for bringing a fabulous Story Masters workshop to Toronto in 2017. Imagine being inspired by the likes of Chris Vogler, James Scott Bell and Donald Mass as you start into a new story project. More Ontario visits, please.

What readers are saying about an earlier work, The Mechanism Me

(In Synthient Skin is a prequel to an earlier, unpublished work that is currently undergoing renovations.)

Makes the reader hope for a sequel

I was thinking as I was reading that if I was still teaching Humanities, I would want your book as part of the course—one of our major foci was the question of what it means to be human, and you handle that superbly well, and on a whole bunch of levels.

– Verna Linney, Ph.D.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Mechanism Me

I honestly think you’ve written a wonderful book. I was very impressed. Your work is detailed, nuanced, and powerful, and I had some remarkably strong emotional reactions to some of the content.

– Una Verandi, author and editor, Quills and Queries Editing

Loved it all the way through

It was very engaging, which was surprising since I would not normally read a book about robots . . . this is a very impressive work. Congratulations. I found everything, including all the technical details, very credible and easy to digest. I liked your all characters and grew fond of them.

– Michael MacDonald, Ph.D.

Fast paced and riveting. Well done.

– Larry Rossignol

Short Stories

Machine – currently seeking publication.

How far can technology go in meeting our needs? Closed down by grief, a man turns to machines of seduction in this near-future story of loss and renewal.